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  • Fax ( ++ 30210) 7473.359
  • E-mail: astamop@asip.gr


The company A. STAMOPOULOS – A.S.I.P supplies since 1990 all the industrial sectors, construction companies and public companies with a broad range of industrial products coming only from ISO 9001 certified European manufacturers and undertakes various technical studies for the construction of steam, oil, chemicals, food, LPG and natural gas –networks

The product range includes:

  • various types of metal and plastic valves (manually, pneumatically & electrically operated) for all kind of pipe networks
  • pressure regulators and safety valves for steam, LPG and natural gas
  • level gauges for boilers and LPG tanks
  • steam traps
  • filters
  • flow meters for liquids and gases
  • safety devices for natural gas pipelines
  • pressure reducing and metering stations for natural gas


As exclusive agents / distributors in Greece for the quality recognized manufacturers BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN, MESURA, SEIFEL , BONETTI, GHIBSON, VALVOLE HOFMANN, GALLI & CASSINA, GEMU, SUS, INTERAPP our company is able through its computerized warehouse to satisfy almost any technical application requirement, offering simultaneously through its widely spread sales network a trustworthy technical support to its customers for their steam-water-oil-LPG-natural gas-chemical-food- applications.


In the natural gas sector our company supplies DEPA, various Gas Distribution Companies, Construction Companies and Industries with:

  • Ì / R devices in fiberglass boxes (for domestic and commercial consumers) from SEIFEL (France),
  • Pressure Regulators, Safety Devices from MESURA (France)
  • Brass Fittings and Safety Valves for internal gas installations from BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN (France)
  • PE Valves for PE 4 bar pipelines, PE/Metal fittings for low pressure distribution and consumption pipelines from BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN(France)
  • Plug Valves for M/R stations as well as for high and medium pressure steel pipelines from GALLI & CASSINA( Italy)
  • Ball Valves, Globe Valves and Piston Valves for M/R stations as well as for medium and high pressure steel pipelines from BONETTI( Italy)
  • Butterfly Valves and Check Valves for M/R stations as well as for medium and low pressure steel pipelines from GHIBSON( Italy)