PE valves, PE/Metal fittings for 4 bar distribution PE pipelines, brass fittings , ball valves and safety valves for internal natural gas installations and for M/R stations dedicated to domestic and commercial gas consumers


BANIDES & DEBEAURAIN 's product range

PE Ball Valves

for polyethylene pipelines for natural gas 4 bar, hand operated, with or without telescopic extension, with or without bleeders, full or reduced bore, with welding stubs, DN 40-250

1/4 turn safety valves

with locking device, on mounting base to be fitted in cabinets for low pressure natural gas stations, inlet PE - outlet spheroconic joint

  • D 3/4XPE20 3/4XPE32 1 1/4XPE32 1 1/4XPE40 1 1/2XPE40

Gas Fittings :

spheroconic joints, PE to copper or steel transition fittings , caps, elbow swivels, etc.

Gas meter and Regulator fittings



Cabinets for

a) M/R Stations for low pressure natural gas,

b) Regulators,

c) Gas Meters,

d) Shut-off Valves

Excess flow valves ROAI

with incorporated gas supply cut-off device, to be placed in front of domestic gas appliances

n Return GAS STOP valve

for the protection of PE pipes against leakage caused by excavation works, damage actions, earthquake, etc.


PE/Steel Transition Fittings .

Connection ranges : for steel pipe DN 25-200,

for PE pipe : 32-225.
Construction Standard : NF T 54-069